Zipping in Ketchikan

Hooking to the first line.
Entrance to the camp.
Entrance to the camp.
Hooking to the first line.
Hooking to the first line.

Zip-line adventure in Ketchikan

March 1, 2009

One of the most exciting things I did in Alaska was the Alaska Canopy Adventure. This zipline tour will take you over 7 lines and 3 aerial bridges all situated in the Tongass National Forest. The views are outstanding and the rides down the lines are thrilling, but you had better be comfortable with heights.

The entrance to the facility is about a 15 min. drive from Ketchikan. On arrival the guides will distribute helmets and take any loose items you have to stow until you finish. If you want to take a camera with you, you will need to plan how to carry it on you while you are actually zipping, since you will need both hands while one the lines. A pocket in your jacket or a small camera case will suffice for small cameras, but this is not a good time to lug along that bulky video camera or SLR. No need to worry though, they will lock up your valuables until you are off the course.

Putting on the helmets
Putting on the helmets

Once all that is taken care of, you will hop into the back of a 6×6 truck and head up the hill to the “Canopy Camp”. At the canopy camp you are fitted with a harnesses and the line trolley and given instructions on how to connect, go and more importantly STOP.
After gearing-up you will step out of the door of the “camp” and connect to a short line to zip over to the first platform. Don’t look down, your first platform in about 135 ft. up in the air. Actually the most people are more nervous on the platforms and rope bridges than on the actual lines. The lines range from 175 feet to 850 feet long, and by the end of the course you will actually feel extremely comfortable zipping along through the tree tops.

There are age and weight restrictions, but most of these have to do with being able to start and stop on lines rather than strength of the equipment. We had a younger member of our group at the low end of the weight restriction, but one of the guides was able to help him on some of the less inclined lines.

Hooking to the first line.
Hooking to the first line.

Overall an excellent selection for something to do in Ketchikan, and a scenic and exhilarating adventure to add to your vacation.

Heading down the line
Heading down the line

For more information check out the company’s website at


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